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Summer writing mini-challenge

Anybody out there feeling stuck in their WIPs? Looking to write something fresh, but out of ideas? I'm hosting a

on my journal this year. All fandoms (and original work) is welcome, and you don't have to be on my personal f-list to join in the fun. If you're interested in participating, click on the banner for more information =)
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Heartbreak Even

Title: Heartbreak Even
Author: summerofsoaps
Fandom: General Hospital
Pairing(s) mostly gen, with some Elizabeth/Nikolas (Niz) & Liz/Lucky (LL2)
Rating: G
Spoilers: Through today's (Tues, June 21 2011) ep
Summary: Elizabeth prepares herself to tell Nikolas the truth about Aiden's paternity.
A/N: Title and cut text from Ani DiFranco's song "Heartbreak Even."

(it's a heartbreak even situation / nothing lost and nothing gained)

Title: The Downfall

Title: The Downfall
Fandom: General Hospital
Characters/Pairings: Kristina/Johnny (if you squint really hard), Steven Webber, Elizabeth Webber, Robin Scorpio, Patrick Drake, Alexis Davis...psycho!Lisa Niles
Summary: When Johnny finds out what Lisa has done to Kristina, he decides it's time to do the right thing.
Words: 2,475
Disclaimer: I don't nor do I claim to own the soap opera General Hospital and/or it's characters. If I did, you'd know 'cause it'd be a lot better than what's going on at the moment. And I wouldn't be canceling All My Kids or One Life to Live...that and Psycho!Lisa would already been striked off our televisions.

"I don't know where she got it, but she didn't get it from me.", the lie coming out easily, she wasn't about to let some stupid teenager be her downfall.

I Deserve This

I Deserve This
Fandom: General Hospital
Character: Kiefer Bauer, Michael Corinthos, Carter)
Pairing : Mentions of Kiefer/Kristina
Rating: M for graphic depiction of rape.
Summary: A regretful and guilt-ridden Kiefer is sent to Pentonville for beating Kristina.  As he happens upon Michael about to be attacked, he punishes himself for his abusive actions by making a noble sacrifice to protect Kristina's brother.

This story is what could've been if Kiefer weren't killed off. This is a rewrite of both Kristina's abuse and the prison storyline. It takes place immediately after Keifer beats Kristina the second time. He is sent to prison instead of being run down by Alexis. A short while after that, Michael is sent to prison as well for killing Claudia, but Jason does not go to prison with him.

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help_japan fandom auction

As some of you may know, the LJ fan community has banded together to form help_japan, a charity auction to raise donations for vetted charities for the Sendai earthquake/tsunami disaster.

A couple of people (including myself) have offered up General Hospital as a fandom they're willing to write commissioned fic for, in exchange for a donation to the charity of your choice. If you're interested in bidding, here are the offers currently on tap:

fic offering by ayumidah
fic offering by ciaimpala
fic offering by luxken27
fic offering by distant_lines

Offers will be accepted until 26 March 2011, and bids will be taken until 31 March 2011.